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From: Barry Walls, Derry, Ireland 

Barry Walls

Dear Entrepreneur, 

The information you are about to see has saved people from financial ruin in less than 4 weeks.

Let me tell you about Catherine and her husband Gerry.

They were old clients of mine from when I was their financial adviser...but they were more than that...they were friends too. 

I bumped into Catherine in September 2008 when I was doing some shopping and she confided in me about their terrible situation. Catherine has 2 teenage boys and a husband who had lost his well paying job in construction here in Ireland. 

Their income had plummeted and their savings were gone. As bills piled up, they received a repossession notice due to a mortgage default. They buried their heads in the sand and now had a couple of months to come up with almost $7,000 or face repossession. 

Catherine was ill with worry. 

She wasn’t sleeping and the family was under incredible stress. She was resigned to losing her home and had started looking for rental accommodation for the family. I was deeply moved. 

This family played by the rules all their lives and were about to lose everything. Something was terribly wrong with this picture. 

Since 2005, I’ve been making my living online.

Before I came online, I worked for a 182-year-old investment company. They trained me in the cold, hard numbers of success.

I’m able to pull money on demand from my web businesses, poker and consulting. Any time I need money, I just take one of the routes above to generate it, depending on my mood. Each is able to generate revenues on demand. 

The rest of the time, I read, study things that interest me, have some fun or travel. That’s what I really love to I’ve worked consistently to set my life up to allow me to do what I love. 

Unemployment increased in my hometown in 2008 by 148%. The district of Magherafelt in Ireland saw the biggest jump in unemployment in the Western World when the credit crunch hit.

Among the worst affected were surveyors, construction workers, factory workers, mortgage brokers and service industry staff.

When I met Catherine, her story was like many others I'd been hearing about. Something had to be done.

Here’s what I did for Catherine and Gerry

I went away and tried to come up with a plan to help them to make the money they needed as fast as possible. 

I wanted something they would be able to do with no experience, skill or previous knowledge. They were total newbie’s. Poker and online marketing were out...they didn’t have the time or money to learn them properly. Consulting was out, they didn’t have the skills. 

What could they do online? What were their skills? What could they learn quickly that was cheap? Then it hit me.... 

They could write...Bingo! 

Neither were journalists or English majors, but they could speak English and that was enough! 

I formulated a quick plan and put together my theories...then I got to work.

I went online and tried to win a few writing jobs to see if someone with no experience could get paid to write. The $82,750 I had spent as a buyer gave me a huge head start over newbie writers...and my business training compounded this massive advantage.

I costed everything out, timed the processes involved, ran the numbers, looked at the critical elements, identified the sweet spots and leverage points, developed some hacks and arrived at my conclusion. (Later, in preparation for writing this course, I tested the theories personally to see how fast someone with no experience could earn $1,000 in a day). 


The Results Are In!

ANYONE could earn a fast full time income from writing...if they followed a few basic rules and strategies. 

With the right short cuts, they could earn a life changing fortune. 

With the right level of strategic management, anyone could build an entire scalable, equity laden business from this simple activity. 


I had a plan...

When I was satisfied that everything was working well...I went to see them. 

I told Catherine to start writing articles and got Gerry involved. Gerry went online and started pitching for jobs on outsourcing sites. He was to work until the pipeline (the available time) was filled. 

This was to be his main job. He was to follow my instructions to the letter and win contracts from web masters to write articles of all descriptions. 

Catherine was to write all the articles. I told Catherine to buy some software to help her to work even faster. I knew speed was important here if they were to hit their target in time. 

I showed them how to research and where to find the paying clients. I coached them on winning jobs and pleasing clients.

They got to work...and they worked as if their future depended on it....because it did

A short time later, they were stunned. 

After 25 days...

Catherine and Gerry had over $7000 in their freelance accounts. They also had another $4,000 of outstanding money yet to come in and as work in progress.

They paid the bank back and saved their home. 

Today, they work full time writing articles and are starting to branch out to take advantage other opportunities which are coming up all the time.

They created their $200,000 plus a year family business in less than 6 weeks...and 90% of it goes straight into their pockets!

They now have a system so slick that today they gross over $1500 from an 8 hour day from their article writing work.


Compared to many doctors, dentists, accountants and lawyers, smart outsourcers earn a fortune.

Impossible you say?

No faked online accounts photo shopped bank statements either...!

See video PROOF!

Almost 89,700 people on just ONE out of 25 top online writing sites can't ALL be wrong!

Read's important

This is the limited release "Outsource Secrets" Course. Never before has it been published online.

It’s 100% unique in this market because, even though I'm an expert in outsourcing, I don't depend on outsourcing to make my income. I’m free to spill everything to a limited number of people.

“When I met Barry I was stuck in a foreign country with almost no money left. I had very few options-no way to fly anywhere, nowhere to go, and my hair falling out from the stress.


Now, thanks to him, I'm making a solid online income and can live anywhere on the globe and still make money.


The paradise I lived in finally became the liberation it always was in my dreams. I’m excited to continue learning what this man has to teach me because I know what it is going to do for my future-a future that was so uncertain only 10 weeks ago.


There are plenty in this business who will sell you a dream, but few deliver on their promises. Barry tells it like it is and pulls no punches-and that’s the only way I like it.


This is a business based on integrity. In this day and age, what more could you ask for? Not listening to what this man has to say is a mistake. Period.”


James Druman -


"I am a very happy member of Strategic Outsourcers!


Within 36 hours of joining and following the step by step instructions I had already earned back the cost of the first month of training.


You can imagine how thrilled I was when I booked in $6000 less than two weeks later! I had spent a lot of money and tried many programs with varied success before I found this course. 


This course put money in my bank account within 7 days and it just keeps coming, even though I only work for a few hours a day. If I were working at it for more hours, I have no doubt I would be earning a fantastic full time income...and I'm only at the second module!


Everything is clearly explained and easy to follow.


Barry is very helpful and provides fast support to members. I have no hesitation in recommending strategic outsourcers if you want to start earning money straight away while building a long term online business"


Jayne Hogan


My Goal For You...

While Catherine and Gerry were able to reach their goals in less than four weeks working together, my plan for you is that, working alone, you will be able to do it in less than eight weeks. 

This course is structured so that within eight weeks you will have a life changing income...but aren’t going to have to wait eight weeks to start to earn money ... you probably aren't even going to have to wait one week.

At the end of 8 weeks, I’m going to show you how to build a solid and stable business that will change your life. Once you have the foundations in, I’m going to show you how you can step back from the business and make money with just a few hours work each day. 

You will earn money within seven days if you follow my instructions to the letter. You don't need to second-guess anything you're about to see you because it has all been worked out in intricate detail with a view on the bigger picture.

If you aren't making $1,000 per day, read this if you value your financial independence and personal freedom.

Let me get to the bottom of the issue here. If you live by the rules, it's difficult to make more money than all the other people who live by the rules.

Writers are no different. Writing has a predictable distribution of incomes.

A few people earn pennies, a lot of people earn an average writers wage but a tiny proportion walk away with the lions share of the profits. 10% earn 90% of the income. It's the same in all industries and businesses. Writing is no different.

I break rules. I break a lot of them. My students break lots of rules too...and they quickly make life changing incomes.

RULES ARE LIKE CAGES! They aren't there for your benefit!

Let me tell you what I've got for you...

If you've never written before in your life, I want you to know you can make a life changing income fast using the information you're about to see.

Your financial situation, education, skills, experience, knowledge, background and age are no longer the barriers they once were to a simple and fast six figure income!

If you've had enough trying to eek out a living as a writer or an article marketer, or you'd like to discover how to make a fortune from this activity and want to figure out how the big boys are making the money they're making so that you can join them, read on. 

Many people think it's down to skill, some magical knowledge or decade's of experience. None of these really matter.

The highest paid writer's have figured out the business of has nothing to do with the writing itself.

Most writer's haven't a clue about the business end of writing. Why would they?

When they learned to write, they weren't taught how to maximize their income, they were taught to off they trotted. They figured out what everyone else was doing and they copied it.

And then they're surprised when they earn the same as everyone else while a tiny minority walk away with the lions share of the profits. It's the same in every business, profession and industry.

Seriously....what did they expect? That they would do the same as everyone else and earn more than them?

If you do what everyone else is doing, you will get what everyone else is getting.

Anyone who thinks different is INSANE.

This is the reason that a small minority of writers walk away with most of the has NOTHING to do with writing quality. The highly paid writers work differently to the masses!

In fact, most writers struggle to even get even the marketing right...step one! They constantly moan about how they can't get enough work.

It is so simple to stuff your diary with high paying, quality work that it makes me want to shout at them!

The Outsourcing Mega Boom

You thought the credit bubble was big? You ain't seen nothing yet!

In the carnage and economic ruin, there is one area of the economy that is in an unbelievable boom. This boom is likely to continue for decades.

The area I'm referring to is outsourcing...and there are two factors at work here.

The first is the exponential growth online and the insatiable appetite for written content. The second is the recession.

Companies are less and less keen today, given the state of the economy, to take on staff and all the associated contracts and costs that come with them.

More and more, companies are trying to outsource as much work as they can in order to survive. They really have no choice if they want to continue doing business.

By outsourcing work, they avoid expensive Union contracts. 

Forget being an one is hiring.  The time has come to make yourself free and rich rather than lining some one else's pockets!


Join the growing numbers earning more than $100 per hour!

The beauty is that you can earn this income from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere in the world.

If you can send an email, speak English and use Google, you're qualified!



The best thing about the Strategic outsourcers course is the personal coaching you get from Barry.


He is chock full of extra ideas to help grow my business using the course material, and everything I have applied so far has worked in spades. 


I hate writing, but Barry reframes the process into a science that really accelerates income. Now I have moved on to the next stages of the program, I outsource all my writing and take profits as a manager, not as a journeyman. 


The Strategic Outsourcers program is worth every cent, because it is systems based, has a proper business plan, and I can see it is going to make me independent (finally). 


Sure you have to work at it, but I can see a day coming soon when I can even outsource the management of the whole process. 


Don't think about it - just do it. Your life will change. 


Rick Rakauskas


Why Outsourcing Rocks...

Perhaps the most life changing part of being an outsourcer is the ability to be completely independent from the economy, an employer, your location, and even your current skill set. 

The volume of work smart freelancers can haul in represents true freedom and independence...and wealth.

The vast majority of freelancer writers work from their own homes and to their own timetable. In most cases, no matter what their previous level of skill, freelancers are very quickly able to earn full time incomes if they work it smart and hard at the start.

Some types of freelance work pays a ton of money. The top sales copywriter's for internet entrepreneurs can easily charge $30,000 for a week’s work. People who master the art of launching new products online can earn even more than this.

There is an insatiable appetite for the types of people who can do the jobs webmaster's need to get done. 

What if you can’t write sales copy and you can’t put together an exceptional product launch? Is there still a place in the world of freelancing for you? 

The answer is...absolutely!

More people are earning more money doing very low skilled and easy to learn work than ever before!

The most common type of high-paying work is simple writing.


What If I've never written before...can I do this?

Sitting down one to one, I could train anyone to write content for webmaster's which would be considered excellent quality in a few hours. This type of writing is not only easy; it is also very fast and well paying.

I don't care if you've never written before in your life, you can learn how to write properly for the web in a couple of hours.

There is much more of this type of work available than there are “skilled” people to do it.


The Size of the Market

There are dozens of huge websites online today which act like dating agencies to match people who have specific skills to people who want to buy those skills. 

Once the buyer and seller get together and work on a few projects, there is often full-time and long-term work available. 

There are billions of dollars flowing from companies large and small into the pockets of people who are making a living from home. 

Elance alone, one of the outsourcing sites I love, generates over $2 million a week in bookable work. However, the amount of non-bookable work originated at Elance is likely to be 5 to 10 times this amount.

This one website is responsible for originating $10m to $20m per week in work, even though the directly bookable work is only about $2m a week.

Check it out for yourself....don't take my word for it!

The total size of the market for work at home jobs is at least $5 billion a year and is probably quite a bit more than this.

Elance projects are expected to grow from 240,000 in 2008 to 400,000 in 2009. 


There is no recession in's BOOM Time!


box image



You’re about to discover an affordable way to make a huge income online using skills you can master in an afternoon.

These simple skills will earn you more than your doctor.

Do you want to...

tickbox Image Become independent of the economy?
tickbox Image Get free from a job in a few weeks?
tickbox Image Easily provide everything your family wants?
tickbox Image Work when you choose...not a boss?
tickbox Image Create a solid business with longevity?
tickbox Image Join a recession busting, $5 billion industry that is growing by 100% every 6 months?
tickbox Image Get started...NOW?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then don't sit back and relax...get on the edge of your seat because...

"One of The Web's Biggest Outsourcing Buyer's is Publicly Spilling The Beans On The Webs Least Understood Money Making Secret for the First Time EVER".

This isn't a fantasy, far from's a dream...lived by thousands daily. 

I've done it, I train people to do it and I hire people who do it for me.

I know this business from every possible angle.


computer cash


Why it works

Thankfully, outsourcing is over looked by the online masses.

But it’s the #1 online business for people with limited skills and knowledge.

If you need to earn a lot of money fast, there’s no better way in my opinion. Simple, easy to produce web writing is the number one, zero-skill way to make six figures fast.

Most “get rich quickers” don’t believe you can make six figures from writing...which is probably a key reason why you can!

The most common misunderstanding

You do not have to produce beautiful prose...all you will produce is legible search engine fodder. If you don't know what that phrase means, you soon will.

Most word processing programs take care of spelling and grammar checking. In most cases, you write almost as you would speak. The web is a very informal medium.

If you can speak English, you can write it well enough to charge for it.

Many people who don't speak English well charge for writing it. I'm serious. Check it out for yourself. You aren't up against very stiff competition...

If English is your first're a racing certainty...a sure thing.

If people want to hire a journalist, they don't go to an online writer, they go to a journalist. The people who will hire you don't expect "The Old Man and the Sea" by Hemingway.

Webmaster's want a simple structure in good English. That's it. They take what outsourcers produce and edit it quickly. They are after structure, a handful of facts and good basics. If you studied English in High School, you're OVER qualified. Trust me on this point until you can prove it to YOURSELF.

Don't worry about writing - There's nothing you won't be able to write about with the advanced training in this course.

If you're like most of my students and you've never written before IN YOUR LIFE, you're in for a real eye opener at how easy it really is!

You’ll have no boss, no limitations and no hassle. 

tickbox Image Work part time, earn more than full time employment
tickbox Image Spend more time with your family
tickbox Image Build a strong and growing business
tickbox Image Enjoy wealth and freedom
tickbox Image Become truly independent
tickbox Image End money worries permanently
tickbox Image Ditch low paying jobs

The time has come...

Let's see what sophisticated people in the know are saying...

"We spend over $20,000 a month on outsourcers  for our various websites. As one of the highest spending buyers on outsourcing sites, I can tell you this without fear of contradiction...enrol on the Outsource Secrets online writing course and you will generate a life changing income...and you'll do it fast.

This information is golden. It's about time someone came out and said what all sophisticated outsource buyers know to be true."


[Check Here to view spending figures]

The Truth

You can earn $10 an hour at any one of dozens of online writing sites right now. You don't need me to make minimum wage.

If you only need $10 per hour, you don’t need to read on any more. All you have to do is work like all the other outsourcers out there.

But read on if you want to bank $100 and more per

Different levels of earnings

You see...there are a few different types of writers.

Typical ones earn only a little, $100 a day. Hard working ones earn average incomes, $200 a day; some smart outsourcers earn $400 a day, But... the cream of the crop, the people who really “get it” are earning $1000...on a bad day.


It all boils down to strategies, tools and techniques.

Let me explain...

Imagine freelance writers are fishermen...

Some use spears and they catch what they need each day fishing from the rocks for hours on end. Others tempt the fish with juicy bait using fishing rods. Some smart ones use a net from a little boat and cover an entire bay in a day. 

But the last group... 

...use advanced strategies and a “state of the art” trawler, complete with sonar. They scoop up whole schools of fish without breaking a sweat.

YOUR personal trawler is ready and waiting.


At the bottom rung, outsourcing takes effort, not skill. As you climb higher, you’ll swap sweat for smarts. Eventually, you replace smarts with systems and other people’s time...and more.

Finally, you'll have a solid business structure which will operate with very little input from you. All you'll do is steer the ship.

Outsourcers earning $1000 a day aren't putting in more hours than outsourcers earning $100 a day...and in many cases are putting in a lot less.

A person fishing from the rocks is burning more calories than a trawler captain is. ;)


lady smiling

Lets get right down to it.... 

Right now, you have two paths in front of you...

Keep doing what you're doing and stay in your job...and keep getting what you're getting or...

Make more than most people will ever make, starting RIGHT NOW...and start making plans to leave your job if you want to.

In a nutshell, there's your choice (if you can call it a choice).

Which path do you think your friends, family, bank manager and work colleagues would advise you to take? It's a no brainer.

However, best of all, as an outsourcer, you are going to be working with moneymaking internet entrepreneurs.  You're going to get insights into how and why they do what they do. Before you know it, you will be able to make an automatic income online.

Why not earn more than your doctor while you discover how to make a growing, passive income?

"I own a wealth management firm and many of my retired clients are nervous about their financial security due to the financial downturn.

After investigating numerous home-based business opportunities that might help them to supplement their retirement income, I came across Barry's product.

I must admit, I was quite sceptical initially that article writing could become a lucrative home business.

However, after diving into the course, I have to say I am impressed at the business model Barry lays out.

Anyone can generate a full time income within a very short period of time if they follow Barry's advice.

How many scams have you been burned by that promise the moon but after a few months you realize not only did you not have the rags to riches story like the young punk proprietor said he did, but you actually lost a huge amount of time and money?

This is definitely not like that because if you follow the easy to understand, no-talent required directions you are highly likely to turn a profit in your first week.

Frankly, I rarely give testimonials.

However, Barry is a stand up guy who has answered all of my numerous questions very promptly and has acted in a very professional, competent manner.

If you are looking for an ultra low risk way to generate a great income very quickly, this very well may be for you.

Patrick Freeman - Wealth Manager

What do I have for you? Here's a taste...

tickbox Image How to fill your week at $60 an hour, even if you want to work 18 hours a day, in record time
tickbox Image How to professionally provide the most in demand skills...within 24 hours
tickbox Image How to get other people to earn your income while you lie on the beach or play golf
tickbox Image Access to the private "members only" forum
tickbox Image The lessons you can learn from why bank robbers rob banks and hookers earn more than architects
tickbox Image How to be a business icon in your community
tickbox Image How to think like an entrepreneur and not a worker ant

Before you read on, read this.

I know a lot of training material out there tells you what to do to make money...but few tell you HOW to do it. This one omission is the key to many people's failures online.

When I say step-by-step...I mean the step-by-step of the what and the HOW.


Each month you'll get the material you need to drive your income higher and higher...before driving your personal effort lower and lower.

button A monthly PDF with strategies, tips and techniques
button Step by step videos showing you HOW
button A host of templates and labour saving tools to save you valuable time and drive your hourly rate up further and faster

The Online Writing Course Structure

Foundation Phase -  KISS GOODBYE TO THE DAY JOB.

Module One - Breaking the Ground

  1. The best way to make money for you 
  2. Goal setting and creating certainty...working out what you want and how to get it. 
  3. Creating your business vision. Begin with the end in mind 
  4. Sifting through thousands of projects every day on autopilot to find your diamonds 
  5. Getting cash into your bank within ONE week 
  6. Filling your diary in record time any time you want
  7. Expected value. A brief introduction to profit maximizing thought processes 
  8. Why people rarely succeed at anything without records. 

Module Two - The Sturdy Foundations

  1. Metrics and leverage points. Where the money lives. 
  2. Setting up your tool kit...working smarter, not harder 
  3. The tools that guarantee you a 300% pay rise. 
  4. Process mapping - How to see where you’re going 
  5. The simple way to make sure the money continues to roll in 
  6. The secret that made Henry Ford millions. 
  7. Getting them to come to you. Feedback and how to get it first time every time. 
  8. Trouble shooting. Solve all common problems fast. 

Module Three - Building from Strong Stone

  1. Simple, in demand, add-on services you can offer  
  2. How to increase your bottom line by another 50%  
  3. How to get paid for work other people do FOR YOU.  
  4. What you should be doing...and what you shouldn’t 
  5. Sweet spots...why they’re sweet and how to find yours 
  6. Recruiting like a pro 
  7. Keyword and niche research...quick and dirty insider shortcuts 


Module Four - Putting on the Roof

  1. How a grandmother earns $125 per hour with her feet up 
  2. The zero competition way to get this work on autopilot 
  3. Build a 5 minute web presence into a money making machine 
  4. Local businesses are desperate for solutions. Here’s what they want...and here’s how to make a stack of money fast with little effort 

Module Five - Electrics and Plumbing

  1. How to earn $50 to $100 every 20 minutes...or $300 per hour. 
  2. Work once and sell 100’s easier than you can possibly imagine. 
  3. The simple tool which lifts you to a new level 

Module Six - Off the Grid and Independence

  1. Building out your’re ready to go nuclear! 
  2. How to structure your new business 
  3. Getting all the help you need 
  4. What can Tom Sawyer teach you?  


Module Seven - The kitchen and bathrooms

  1. Niche expansion and multiplication. The road to riches. 
  2. The biology experiments which changed business strategy for ever 
  3. Competition, environmental constraints and evolution....and how they can make you rich! 

Module Eight - Finishing

  1. The money magic of Arbitrage...what does Warren Buffet know that you don't?     
  2. Why the real money comes from the thinking, not the doing...but why you still need to do 
  3. Manage it yourself...or not?   
  4. Time, resources, constraints...the decision-making trinity and critical paths.    

Module Nine - Plastering

  1. The skill no internet entrepreneur can succeed without. 
  2. How to understand your market and give them exactly what they want 
  3. Writing to sell. Its worth millions to you. How to do it in record time. 


Module Ten - Decoration and Landscaping

  1. Building your dream team. 
  2. The critical importance of metrics, leverage points, OPT and OPM.  Advanced Training. 
  3. Why working hard won't make you truly wealthy. 
  4. The thought processes of millionaires. 

Module Eleven - Furnish it

  1. Formalizing your business structure...seeing the wood and the trees. 
  2. Systems, Processes, tasks and projects 
  3. The vital ingredient your must business must be able to operate without...before you can sell it...and how to get there 
  4. WHY you should plan to get free from your business NOW 

Module Twelve - Live in it or cash it in and bank the profits

  1. What you now have could be worth a million bucks 
  2. The serial entrepreneur/investor revolving door 
  3. You're now ready to make a million bucks a year 
  4. Why selling a profitable business can be the best move you ever make 
  5. The best business model in the world 
  6. Investment returns and knowing when to sell 
  7. The Exclusive Graduates Club. If your names not down, you're not coming in!

Remember this... 


Hundreds of thousands of people, billions of dollars in work, dozens of multi million-dollar websites and tens of thousands of simple projects each month show anyone can have all the success they desire.

  • You've seen what I have spent. 
  • You've heard from people who know the real story 
  • You've seen the course structure 
  • You know the truth 

I know most people don't have thousands of dollars to throw around right now.

This course isn't about adding to the burden...that's the last thing I want to do.’s about providing a solution and lifting the burden forever.


...even if you flip burgers, have never worked in an office...heck...even if you've never worked at CAN do this.


"In the first week of the course, I had my first $60 hour. Within 5 weeks, I had my first $300 day...and once I reached the end of the third month of the course, I was doing $700 days on demand.

I can't tell you the difference this material has made to my life. I never worry about money now. It's the best feeling in the world...because I'm truly FREE!"

Ray Kent

How much does it cost to generate $150K a year in income?

Income Generation Method

Cost of $150k In Income

Real estate (4% return) $3.75m
Stocks (6% return) $2.5m
Bonds (2.5% return) $6m
Bank Interest (2% return) $7.5m
An Established Business franchise  (3 times Income) $450k
Buying A Cash Generating Offline Business (4 times income) $600k

Most Professional jobs (4 years in college and 5 years training)

9 years and a six figure student debt
The average cost to generate this sort of income, any way you cut hundreds of thousands of dollars or years or effort. 

Here's the deal... 

Yes, here it comes...the obligatory 30-day guarantee...yada yada.
However, the real peace of mind is you can't buy this upfront...It doesn't matter how much money you offer me...I WILL NOT LET YOU!
I do not want the money upfront. You pay in instalment's for the 12-month course and race to a new lifestyle before you know it...which gets better and better every month. 
You can cancel any month you like. How’s that for a confident guarantee? 
You’ll see specific, timed, realistic and measurable advances in your bank balance every step of the way. You can chart your progress. This is my REAL guarantee of quality. 
You also get 30 days to try it at no risk. 

up and to the left

If, for any reason, this isn't for you, you can cancel any time you want within the first 30 days, quickly and easily...and get a full, no questions asked refund. 

Given the choice between two bets... one which guarantees I’ll get my money back, or another, which guarantees I’ll WIN, I'll take the second bet EVERY TIME.

"Can't fail to win" is better by a mile than "can't lose."

You’ll have a foundation of knowledge from module one, which will produce $200 per day in no time.

You’re guaranteed to WINNO ONE who has applied themselves to this material has failed to get to this level of income. This is the real deal...and I want you to know I stand firmly behind it.

'Simply Amazing'



At the time I started Barry's course I wasn't in a very good position financially. I had been out of work for close to 9 months and living on government benefits. I was desperate to get back on my feet again and that's when I discovered Barry.



His course seemed a little too good to be true at first, but with a 30-day money back guarantee I thought...'what have I got to lose'. I signed up and got started right away. I read the first module 3 times in the first 24 hours alone just to make sure I had everything clear in my mind.



Before I knew it I had my first client, then my second, third and so on. Within the first 10 days I was in profit.


Now I make a full time income from the comfort of home while other people do the majority of work for me.



I can't recommend Barry's course highly enough. I went from being dead-broke to leveraging the time of others and making a killing online within only a couple of months. Barry truly is a genius.


Peter Evans


Freelance Writer / Internet Marketer

It all sounds too good to be true...right?

Well...not quite. Here’s the catch.

No one is going to walk up to you and hand you a high performing, finished business. That isn’t how the world works.  It takes committed and sustained activity and hard work before you get free from work forever. Trying to avoid hard work...well, the end result is rarely good.

We both know what waits in the future for get rich quick dreamers...and it’s not pretty. Follow the plan and you’ll soon arrive at a beautiful, tranquil destination.

You’ll be admired by almost everyone who knows you...and more than a few will envy you. Your personal happiness will know no bounds.

To reach this destination, you must embark on a life-changing journey, which will bring you more freedom, fulfilment and joy than you ever dreamed possible.

Along the way, you will meet challenges. 

You will have a lot more good than bad days, but “bad days” will still happen. I guarantee it. We all have them.

If you grit your teeth, tap your reservoirs of resolve and determination to dig in when you don’t feel like it, you will be a superstar. All superstars have this quality...because it’s a pre-requisite.

Superstars don’t have bad days...they have “growth opportunities”. I know it sounds corny, but it's still true. All you have to do to make this resolve muscle strong is to exercise it...just like any other muscle.

If you throw up your arms and give up...well, we both know what happens then...the worst thing in the entire universe...


Exercise your resolve and the money will quickly become secondary compared to the changes IN YOU.

The catch must sow before you can reap.

Two Choices:

1. Do nothing...change nothing. Continue to allow money to be your master and dictate the terms of your life to you.

2. Join now...and live the dream. Take your rightful place above money and make money your servant ...once and for all.

Take Action NOW...Before It's Too Late

Due to the nature of this market, this is a STRICTLY limited course ...I can't unleash thousands of people onto this market at once. The people who get in fast will have my undivided attention and one-to-one support to help on this journey.  The unlucky ones will have to wait a LONG time to get another chance online....and may NEVER get another one.

The course is highly exclusive and intake is strictly limited. Once the monthly allocated spots are gone, I always pull up the drawbridge. NO EXCEPTIONS. It's not fair to others.

You don’t have much time to join THE fastest income producing course online. See what others are saying?


I had a really good feeling going into this course and within only one day I could see its potential.

I have done many internet marketing courses over several years and not one of them made me any money on DAY 1 - except this one!

I couldn't believe it!  On Day 2 I picked up some more work, and it just kept growing.  Within a week I had made back the cost of my monthly subscription.  And now a month later, I've made my money back many times over, so even if I don't make any money over the next few months (although I know I'll make even more than before), I will still be ahead!

I Was Forced To Quit My Job!

Finally I have found a course that really does work - and quickly!  So quickly in fact, that only a month after I started this course, I am so overwhelmed with work that I have had to resign from my job!  In less than 4 weeks I went from being employed in a well paying job to working for myself, which has been a dream of mine for almost 20 years.

Barry's support and encouragement throughout the last month has been amazing.  He is always there to answer my questions (no matter how dumb I think they are), and he always somehow pushes me to achieve more. This has been one of the keys to my success so far.

I fully recommend this course to anybody who is committed to living the best life ever!

Michelle Green

This is important....

The high level of support I provide is one of the reasons the course is so expensive. There is no other way because at each stage along the way, you will have questions about specific situations than no amount of written material will be able to answer. That's why I'm tied to skype and email for a long period each day.


Another reason its so expensive is that I cant unleash 1000 people onto this course. Not only can I not handle this volume of one on one coaching, the market cannot tolerate 1000 high level writers.

The vast majority of writers, including the dozens who have worked for me, earn a mediocre living at best. They have the strategies and techniques to maximize their profits completely backward...and this is great news...for YOU.

They will continue on their treadmill's forever...while you go from nothing to earning 3, 4 5 and even ten times what they earn...before you automate your income and sit back and relax!

The reason this course is worth the price is because you will earn many times this amount each day by the time I've finished with you.

This is so simple...

If you've had enough of settling for second best, if you want to change your life, take control of your own future and your own income, then I want to help you.

If you are willing to work for TWO HOURS PER MONTH for a blueprint to freedom, security and wealth...then I want you to sign up.


tick Yes! I Want In Now. I Don't Want To Risk Delay!

Barry, I want to finally be able to make Over $100 Per Hour...

  • I understand that I will immediately gain access to my user name and password  for the exclusive members area and private forum right after I purchase. 
  • I understand you will hold nothing back and will show me the step-by-step techniques I will use to grow my income to more than $100 per hour. 
  • Finally, I understand I will get full support and access to you IF I get in in time. 


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If you were my brother or sister, I would tell you this........


It's a "downside only" move, with no added benefit.

Start as you mean to go on...Think Strategically.

Acting NOW gives you a GUARANTEED WIN.

 If You Don't Act...Someone Else Will



When I stumbled on Barry's Outsourcing Course by sheer chance I never dreamed it was possible to supercharge my business the way I did.


For the first two months I ambled about doing nothing much with the course. I just didn't have the time to dedicate myself to the training.


In hindsight of course I wish I did because I could have had my first $700 day within a couple of months. LOL. I trebled my income in a few months once I implemented the training and today have lifted my earnings 5 fold and it just keeps on growing. To say that Barry's course changed my business is an understatement. It's changed my life! 


Thanks Barry, you truly rock!


Monika Mundell - 


"Order Outsource Secrets NOW", Inc. is an authorized retailer of Social Buzz


 After working with Barry for less than 12 weeks, I’ve managed to add thousands of dollars to my monthly income - and this is on a part time basis.

Barry is an astute business man and when it comes to making money, he meticulously covers all the angles.

Now that I’ve seen the strategies and services in this program, I’m 100% certain I’ll be adding tens of thousands of dollars to my business.

Honestly, I never knew this level of success could happen so quickly.

Pam Marshall - Copywriter




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PS -  Remember, this is a limited offer. I will not let thousands of people loose onto this market with these never before seen strategies in one blast. This course is and will remain highly exclusive.

PPS  - My personal, 100%, 30 day money back guarantee backs this course. You WILL WIN by taking action, today. You will get DIRECT ACCESS to me on the forum, by email and skype.