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What to know before you begin.

This product has mass appeal. According to many estimates, over 20% of Americans are desperate for extra income right now.

The sales page is converting at 1.4% for targeted traffic and almost 4% from internet marketing lists and forum traffic (warrior forum).

The course was written by one of the most prolific buyers on outsourcing sites.

Not only does this course work, you can be sure that your list members are getting an excellent education in sound business principles. More than just a way to make money, this course will revolutionise the lives of those who take part in it.

Regenerate your list

The good news for you is the people from your list who you send to this course should very quickly generate strong and rising incomes. As we both know, many people who come to Internet marketing lack the very basic skills to succeed. This course will provide them with those skills so that they will purchase more products from you in the future.

You probably have a list which has large "dead wood" sections. These people can no longer afford to buy your products and they have may have lost faith in their ability to succeed in Internet marketing. This course is an opportunity for you to regenerate a substantial section of your lists into cash rich buyers again.

Commission Structure

We have a standard one tier 35% commission structure and 10 year cookies. Payments will be made via 2checkout/PP to all participating affiliates. The backend is managed using Fantasos (now Delavo).

You can log into your admin centre below once you go through the affiliate sign up process

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Payments will be made on the 30th of the month following the first refund period, whichever comes sooner.

Affiliate Theft

We have internal procedures in place to stop affiliate theft. Any affiliate who signs up with the intention of purchasing a membership through their own links will be automatically stopped. The system disallows it. We also run manual checks for this activity based on other parameters.

Should this unfortunate situation arise, members will not receive credit for the commission and commission will manually be allocated to the correct affiliate. There is no appeal against this and our decision is final. We want all affiliates to be fairly rewarded for their effort. 

Our affiliates are bringing one of the fastest money making courses available online to the attention of potential members. We aim to make sure this effort is worth something to our valued affiliates financially. We take this very seriously.

The Market for This Course

I'm sure it hasn't escaped your notice that almost 10% of the US population is currently unemployed and close to 10% are underemployed according to official stats. The market is not only huge, but in need of a low skill way to generate income. In short, its hungry.

In addition to the unemployed and underemployed, the market includes people who are working for low wages, people who have struggled to make money from Internet marketing, work at home moms, existing outsourcers, people in trouble with debts, those looking for new work and anyone trying to leave corporate jobs, or worried about their jobs.

You can target those insecure about their employment, retirees who have seen their pensions plummet, people near foreclosure, students, divorcees, people who desire independence, people searching on job sites, anyone whose business is struggling, out of work industries like construction, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and those looking for a payday loans and cash advances.

The opportunities are endless.


 Text Ads to Promote the Free Video

Solo Emails



Keywords From Googles Keyword Tool

How to use these keywords

  • Pay per click advertising - Try the ads below

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  • Blog Posts
  • Videos - Create a video and upload to www.trafficgeyser.com for free to multiple high traffic video sites. Its as simple as editing the powerpoint presentation below and putting some nice music onto it using Camstudio or Camtasia. You could even use your webcam and just give a quick 2 minute review. If you use good keywords, (like the ones below) thousands could see your video!
  • Content pages on your site
  • Forum Posts using signature files and specific keywords.
  • Research webmasters (for second tier affiliate income). Use www.quantcast.com for lateral searches of related websites. Drill deep for some great matches.
  • Search for webmasters and ask to put your affilaite link into their "thankyou" page. Do you have an email list that people sign up to? Maybe you could put a text advert in a custom thankyou page? How many people see this page? Very underused strategy! Your unsubscribe page might also work wonders too. After all, they're leaving your list anyway!
  • You could do one time offer deals with webmasters in appropriate niches.
  • Recruit your own niche specific affiliates (they get 2 tiers as well!)
  • Recruit niche specific JV brokers and split the profits with them
  • Tweet your affiliate link to internet marketers
  • Create tags and categories in your blog and submit the RSS feed to RSS directories
  • Social bookmark your posts using these keywords - try the free utility at www.socialmarker.com.
  • Add useful info to niche specific social network and google groups (with your affiliate ID)
  • Send to your list

Pay per Click Keywords

CTRL A - Selects all Keywords in a group. CTRL V will paste to an external application

Payday Loans 








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 Work Home

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 Cash Advance

 Business Idea


 Part Time










 Home Based



Ezine Advertising

List Research at  www.bestezines.com ...advertise your affiliate links in ezines and mailouts for pennies using the emails provided.

You could also try these popular ezines. Place an add with your affilaite link in these popular ezines

Work At Home News Ezine Master Ezine Dir
Ads Market Biz Jogenas Ezine Ezine Universe
Super Promo Ezine Directory Disobey
Admistress Advertising Suite 101 Ezine Finder
Village Of Tidbits List Channel Ezine Marketing
Xtreme Marketing Tips Zinos List City
ProbizTips Best Ezines Ezine List Ezine Locator
Getresponse Smart Ads Ezine Universe DIYsearch
Rim Digest eZINE Search Ezine Ad Source
Cash From Home Send Free Advertising Ezine Plus
The Book of Ezines Ezine Listing Newsletter Access
BizWeb E-Gazette Go Ezines Web Marketing Today
Ezine List 2 Bucks an Ad DEMC E Magazine

You can pay a researcher a few bucks to produce a list of thousands of webmasters using any of the methods above...BUT PLEASE DO NOT SPAM THEM! Approach them individually using the high performing emails below...or even snail mail. Hey...the telephone and twitter work wonders too!

Forum Signatures 


Text Ads 






How to use text ads:
  • Post to online sites like craigslist, US free ads and other classified sites. See http://www.quantcast.com/craigslist.com for more sites like craigslist and US free Ads.
  • Publish text ads to local newspapers classified sections for pennies
  • Put them on your blog
  • Tweet them on twitter

If you have a website, post one of the reviews below to your website and use your affiliate link on the flyers and postcards to send traffic to the squeeze page from your site. If you don't have a website, create a simple and fastwww.squidoo.com lens using the content on this page as the backbone.

  • Make the text ads into flyers using Microsoft Publisher...then do leaflet drops, newspaper inserts and pay kids to put fliers on cars outside church and football games
  • Create postcards and put in local store windows
  • Put on notice boards in colleges, churches and clubs
  • Deliver flyers round your neighbourhood, especially to any house with a "For Sale" sign outside
  • Print up a bunch of flyers and ask local merchants to hand them out to customers for you.
  • Ask local restaurants to include one with all delivered orders
  • Put them in taxis
  • Put leaflets in local paydy loan shops (you'll probably have to split the commission with the owner on this one)
  • Same deal with pawn shops
  • Debt advice companies will likely be the same

Using flyers effectively can ensurethousands of people see your message in ONE day. ONE busy store could give you thousands of impressions. Flyers are one of the most under used means of advertising out there...and one of the most effective!

A flyer insert into a local newspaper could produce tens of thousands of impressions...right beside the home computer! It would only take a handful of conversions to put you well into profit.

Newsprint Ads

If I could choose only one method to promote this course with, it would be this one!

Use this method and you will generate astack of cash...quick. Why? Because the people you will reach using this method will be targeted, they'll have the money, the motivation and the time to put the course into action...and they'll tell their friends. This works likecrazy for this type of business.

Use this sitehttp://www.onlinenewspapers.com/

Heres how to do it for an outrageous ROI.

Grab a google news RSS feeds for keyword terms like "plant closure", "lay offs", "redundancies" and "job losses". Grab RSS feeds from google news to get news of laid off workers. Run localised pay per click campaigns. These people need your help to earn money fast.

There were over 4,800 news stories in google news for ["plant closure"] alone in March 2009 in the US. The economic news is horrible...but YOU can help. Send people to this course and they will be earning again in no time. No skills or experience needed...its all laid out.

When plants and factories close, it hits the regional news....fast!

Once you've found an area with layoffs, simply use http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/ to find the nearest 3 or 4 newspapers and advertise in theclassified section with a few clicks for under $5!

On the advert that you submit to the classifieds, use your review page URL or a tinyurl link. 

You could have dozens of adverts up and ready to go in less than ONE hour....able to reach thousands of highly targeted people...for pennies.

This strategy works like crazy!

Use these Classified ads

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Feeling lazy? Advertise to over 15m people using this company...3 sales and you're in profit!

Here's the link...


Submit an ad in 2 minutes using your credit card, sit back and watch the cash roll in!

Remember, this course has mass appeal...it's perfect for this type of targeted offline marketing!





Press Releases




Auto Responder Email Series of Three - To Send in a sequence

Note about this sequence. Your affiliate ID will be tracked for the third email which goes to the sales page. Your list members will never see the sales page until you send them the third email...so your affiliate ID will be tracked through the payment processor.







Article marketing. Submit the articles to the following article directories with your affiliate link

    • EzineArticles
    • GoArticles
    • ArticleCity



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